Cream glue mobile phone case can be used in one or two days. Prepare cream glue, piping mouth, mobile phone case and resin material, and wipe the back of the mobile phone case. Choose the color of cream glue, extrude different cream shapes with different pipe nozzles, put the resin material on the fresh cream, put it quietly in a cool place, wait patiently for a day or two, or dry it with a hair dryer.


1. If there is a microwave oven, it can be dried in almost one day. In this case, it generally needs to be put into the oven, preheated for 10 minutes and baked for 20 minutes. In this way, it can be dried relatively quickly. If you just let it go, it will take about 2 to 3 days to do it well. You can pay attention to it yourself. Now, in addition to offline DIY, the entire material package is sold online, including transparent mobile phone cases and cream glue, which will include materials. You can buy some small parts yourself and prepare them in advance. It's a good experience.


2. The required materials are prepared in advance and easy to use; Find the favorite color of the background cream glue and determine whether the main color block is white, yellow or red; After the color is determined, preheat the decoration in advance, place it well, see the effect, and take photos with the camera after satisfaction; Start milking oil glue, drop or wave, and place it horizontally, or only in the middle, or obliquely; After laying the mastic, the decoration shall be carried out according to the original plan; Put it into the oven, preheat it for 10 minutes, bake it for 20 minutes, then take it out and it will be a little soft, and put it on for another day.


3. Cover with paper towel or cloth to avoid dust. Cream mobile phone case is mainly made of cream glue and resin doll. Indispensable building accessories in building materials. It is a water-based environmental protection special white glue, non-toxic and tasteless, transparent, clean, elastic and strong adhesion after drying. It is the best adhesive for straw woven tape, glass fiber mesh tape, kraft paper and other anti crack bandages. Resin doll is a variety of beautiful and vivid cartoon characters made of resin as the main raw material and through mold casting.