Fluid bear is the DIY product of the recent surge of sound and explosion. Many people love DIY, and the violent bear can also DIY. It is tiktok that this is a special game of fire. You can play it yourself or go to a physical store.

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What is a fluid violent bear?

In fact, it is to DIY the violent bear, color it with various pigments, and then directly operate the white violent bear, and then wait for it to dry.

0 foundation can be done! Choose the color you want. Teachers will help you mix the color. Of course, it's also very easy to stir the paint yourself! Then you can pour the paint and let it be filled with violent bears. The patterns are still very beautiful~


Why is the fluid bear so hot?

The violent bear itself is very hot. In addition, after DIY becomes a fluid bear, it is naturally very hot. The key is that you can DIY different violent bears. You can make them yourself after buying them online or go to the physical store DIY to see your preferences.

Fluid violence bear most complete guide

Is tiktok often done to do this? I've been greedy for a long time, but I still decided to do it with my friends

Feeling: before going to see others, it's over after boasting. I think it's very simple. Online sharing also says that it can be completed in half an hour to an hour. In fact, it's not like this at all!!

1. After sitting down, first tangle with color selection. I'm black and white gold. I can choose 2-4 colors.

2. Then there is the color adjustment. Propylene pigment + blending solution + water can't be thin, can't hang, can't be thick, and can't flow. Don't ask me why I know I can pour it after stirring.

3. I suggest painting the neck, leg seam and armpit with a brush first, because it will not flow to these places. Then it's the best time. Pour the paint from the beginning! Oh, don't shake too much paint, but be careful, really

4. Dry. The whole process above has taken me more than an hour. I'll wait for my friends later and dry them by the way. It's almost three hours. It's very tiring. Friends who don't have much time can pick it up next time or choose to mail it

Conclusion: you can try it. It's a good experience. The finished products can also be put at home for decoration. In addition, it's best to do it by two people. Together with Jimei or boyfriend, because it's difficult to do it by one person. Sisters with small budget can also choose to fight the sunset. It's cheap, but we have to clean up the mess. Let's choose by ourselves