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Types of phone cases,what phone case should I get?

by JingruWong 20 Dec 2021

There is a world out there full of different types of phone cases. This can sometimes be overwhelming and not so easy to choose from, you might find yourself asking “what phone case should I get?” We are here to help you answer that question! We know you are probably looking for something that matches your lifestyle: full protection for your phone, keeping the sleek shape of the device, the best possible grip, or the sharpest print available. 

1、Silicone cases: 

Feature:Ultra Grip, Mediumweight, All Sides Protection, Back Print

Silicone is another inexpensive option for selling phone cases online. Silicone cases are soft and durable and also work well in high temperatures. Silicone phone cases provide a softer touch for customers. You can find these on dropshipping sites like Ez2DIY for around $40 per case. 


2、 Hard cases: 

Feature:Sleek, Extra Lightweight, Laterals Protection, Back Print

Unlike slim phone cases, these cases usually only cover the sides/border of your phone (they can also come with an additional piece for protecting the back from scratches) and are often made of a harder, shock-resistant material to protect your phone from dings and scratches.


3、Tough cases: 

Feature:Dual layer of silicone case + hard case, Heavyweight, All Sides Protection, All Round Print

Many people look at having a phone case less as an aesthetic choice and more as a way to protect the hundreds of dollars they invested in their phone should they ever drop it.

Tough cases are bulkier and add more weight to a phone but afford customers greater protection.

It’s important to recognize this when you create phone case online listings and write your product descriptions for tough phone cases, as anything from drop tests to details about water resistance can help give customers peace of mind.


4、Wallet cases:

Feature: Ultra Grip, Heavyweight, All Sides Protection, Front / All Round Print

Some even have wallet-like features, such as the ability to store cash or credit cards, while others can be turned into a stand to prop up your phone.

You’ll typically find these in a leathery material, and they likely will cost more than slim cases but also appeal to more practical consumers.


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